Just a short post to assure you I’m still making progress. I’ve written more in the past three weeks than in the past six months. I’ve went from 33k words in the ms to 46k. It’s going to be a push, but I still think I can make the March 30th launch.

Look for Prince Ascendant: Heir to Empire Book Two soon!


The long awaited sequel is almost here! God willing, I should be finished with the sequel and have it uploaded…ready to go by March 30. I know what you’re thinking, he’s promised that so much since the launch of his first book in this ‘Heir to Empire’ series. You’re right. I’ve been afraid to treat this as a job. I fear that if I do this, it would not be fun any longer. I really need to stop thinking that way. Jobs can be fun…right? Right? RIGHT?

All kidding aside, I’ve written more this past week than I have in the previous five months. I’m at 40k of a 80k projected run. If I keep pace, I should finish the first draft by the beginning of March. Give it a week to sit and then there’s a period of editing, formatting and basically getting it as ready as this broke-ass man can do it. It won’t be as polished as if I could afford editors, but it should be a great read.

Look for it and save your 3 bucks for the release!



I suck at titles.


I’ve restarted this post several times. There’s a topic I wanted to talk about but I don’t see a way to do it without someone who may read this taking it the wrong way.

So, titles is the topic. My book Humanity is titled that way because I felt my character was going to lose his humanity when he loses his ability to age. However, I often wonder if I shot myself in the foot with that title. Yes, there’s something of a existential crisis for the boy at the heart of the story…but the title doesn’t exactly scream scifi. The sequel is entitled Prince Ascendant…even though the prince in question isn’t even a POV character. So, why did I entitle it that way? Because I thought it sounded good, that’s why. The entire book is dedicated to the boy from the first book and his father trying to keep the titular prince alive and teach him how to lead people. I wonder if the book should be titled after a character who doesn’t show his point of view.

The series is called Heir to Empire…even though the Heir is always the next-in-line after the prince listed in the previous paragraph. To those awaiting the sequel, it’s coming along. Not as fast as I’d like…but it’s coming. Wish me well.


PS. I know the topic ended abruptly. In my own defense, the topic I had prepared was a little more detailed. It discussed Worst-First thinking and how it applied to writers. I had more prepared for that and wrote this post here on the fly. Forgive me.

Myself as a Young Reader

I read most everything, and always have. When I was a kid, the town librarian kept quizzing me on the words in the thick biographies and histories I was checking out. I’d read a few pages, she’d purse her lips and allow me to check out whatever books I wanted.

Recently, I got feedback that my book, Humanity, may be in the wrong section. It’s not really young-adult because the main character is only 12. It’s not MG, because the character really goes through some traumatic stuff in the beginning. Including, and this is the big issue, being told and made to believe that he was being sold into some form of sexual slavery. The bad guy was attempting to crush young Edgar’s spirit in the worst way he knew how.

It doesn’t matter that there’s no actual sexual stuff, so I’m told. It’s heavily implied/spoken of in the sample. Parents and teens read that section and decide that it’s not for them because that’s ‘icky’. (not my word…but many others) Kids want to read about older characters than them, I’m told.

All that is to say this. I was different and my stubborn middle-aged mind keeps expecting to find readers of all ages that were more like me. Little David read VC Andrews alongside Nancy Drew. Bobbsey Twins the same weekend as Christine by Stephen King. I was reading Toland’s Hitler bio the same time I was reading a Disney bio of Teddy Roosevelt. I don’t want to think I was so unique, but how do I find the readers who were like me?

We’ll Never See their like again?


I was going to chose to title this “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?” but went with the above instead. As most, if not all, have heard by now…we’ve lost Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds. We’ve lost a lot of people this year we forty-somethings grew up watching and listening to. I’m hearing a lot of moaning about what we’ve lost this year and some cursing the year for taking them from us.

I understand that. However, I’m curious as to what my grandfather and his generation thought when Shirley Temple Black or John Barrymore passed. Errol Flynn? Who was going to be Robin Hood after he was gone?

“Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?” is an old song by George Jones where he laments what’s going to happen when Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and the rest of his generation of country singers are gone. What happened? We got Travis Tritt, Garth Brooks and Toby Keith. I’d argue “Red Solo Cup” is no “Ring of Fire” but that’s an argument for another article.

My point is this: Time goes by. People pass on and they often die too soon. I’m sure fans of the Poltergeist movies cried the day Heather O’Rourke died. Carrie Fisher was ‘only’ sixty. As someone who is only seventeen years from that, I think the word only is appropriate. Ask a kid, you might get a different opinion. When our children and grandchildren get to be our age, they’ll be sad because Elle Fanning or the girl who played Catniss died. Mourn the deaths, but don’t curse the year for it. It’s not 2016’s fault.

One more thing before I go. I’m trying to get a couple more sales of my first book to reach a goal of 30. If anyone seeing this reads my insert and description and wants to buy it, that would be great. Look here: