Long time, no see


It’s been a very long time since I posted to my blog and thought it was time to say something. Sales stopped a long time ago. I am having a sale this month, so maybe I’ll get at least a couple. Although, August the first is the last day.

That said, let’s talk about the sequel. I am 53k words into a projected 80k sequel. To be honest, I think the reason I’m not further along is that I’m not hot on it. There are other projects I’d rather write right now. So, the motivation is low. However, prevailing wisdom is that self-publishing doesn’t work very well if you’re not a series writer. So, I began to write PRINCE ASCENDANT.

I don’t think I’ll work on book three immediately after finishing book 2. I want to finish my serial killer kid/detective story first. Also, there’s another story that’s really on my mind that I want to work on. It involves a ‘defrocked’ Nashville, Ga detective who was accused of heinous crimes. He rescues a kidnapped kid and agrees to take him home to his parents. There’s more to it, but I’ll discuss that in another post. There’s ‘uncomfortable’ parts of it that my critique group really didn’t like but I feel is needed in the story. I write the stories that are in my heart and not the ones that necessarily will sell.

Anyway, that is where this writer is at right now. Talk to y’all soon…sooner than five months, I hope.


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