The long awaited sequel is almost here! God willing, I should be finished with the sequel and have it uploaded…ready to go by March 30. I know what you’re thinking, he’s promised that so much since the launch of his first book in this ‘Heir to Empire’ series. You’re right. I’ve been afraid to treat this as a job. I fear that if I do this, it would not be fun any longer. I really need to stop thinking that way. Jobs can be fun…right? Right? RIGHT?

All kidding aside, I’ve written more this past week than I have in the previous five months. I’m at 40k of a 80k projected run. If I keep pace, I should finish the first draft by the beginning of March. Give it a week to sit and then there’s a period of editing, formatting and basically getting it as ready as this broke-ass man can do it. It won’t be as polished as if I could afford editors, but it should be a great read.

Look for it and save your 3 bucks for the release!




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