I suck at titles.


I’ve restarted this post several times. There’s a topic I wanted to talk about but I don’t see a way to do it without someone who may read this taking it the wrong way.

So, titles is the topic. My book Humanity is titled that way because I felt my character was going to lose his humanity when he loses his ability to age. However, I often wonder if I shot myself in the foot with that title. Yes, there’s something of a existential crisis for the boy at the heart of the story…but the title doesn’t exactly scream scifi. The sequel is entitled Prince Ascendant…even though the prince in question isn’t even a POV character. So, why did I entitle it that way? Because I thought it sounded good, that’s why. The entire book is dedicated to the boy from the first book and his father trying to keep the titular prince alive and teach him how to lead people. I wonder if the book should be titled after a character who doesn’t show his point of view.

The series is called Heir to Empire…even though the Heir is always the next-in-line after the prince listed in the previous paragraph. To those awaiting the sequel, it’s coming along. Not as fast as I’d like…but it’s coming. Wish me well.


PS. I know the topic ended abruptly. In my own defense, the topic I had prepared was a little more detailed. It discussed Worst-First thinking and how it applied to writers. I had more prepared for that and wrote this post here on the fly. Forgive me.


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