It’s been forever…

Hiya, guys…Okay, forever’s an impossibility. It’s been a little over two months. Drama has been dying down, amazingly enough with the Christmas holidays and all. I’m hesitant enough to write, but I actually think that I’ll be able to get stuff done by the middle of February. I’ll still need some time to edit, buy a new cover and format for e-book publication. So, it should be uploaded and available for publication early March.

There was a lovely new review of the book. By lovely, I mean high marks. I’d loved a little detail about what was so good…but hey, a review’s a review. I’m really honored this person thought to review. Amazon is stringent about reviewers being friends or family of the author. Since this isn’t a friend…at least not one who told me they’d review…I’m glad Amazon allows it to stay. I have no idea how they find out. Maybe they have the NSA on their side? LOL

Anyway, look for that new book soon and wish me luck. God speed, everyone!


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