Block Over


Well, as the title says, my writer’s block is over. It’s only 450 words that I wrote yesterday, but that’s a start. I’ve been cold for about two weeks now. It was a combination of burn out and the fact that I hadn’t sold a copy in forever.

I’d gotten over both issues and written my 450 words when I happened to check my Amazon dashboard and saw I actually sold a copy. It’s been weeks since I ran an ad, but I did whine a bit on my social media about not selling. I’m not sure what encouraged that delightful person to buy, but I’m glad they did. It cheered me up more than I care to say.

That said, I’m not wanting anyone to actually tell me they bought it. If it’s because of my whining and a pity purchase, I’m not sure I’d feel as good. I’d still appreciate it as I need the royalty…but it feels good to believe that somebody took a gander at my first few pages and decided it was interesting enough to purchase. It feels good to think they’re happily reading about Edgar’s adventures. A pity purchase would dilute that. I’d take it, but the dream feels better. LOL.

Even though I’m back at writing, I’m not going to give a new timetable. It might cause me to freeze up again. I’m up to about 20 sales now, and I’m sure at least a few of those are looking forward to my hero’s continuing adventures.




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