Faith of Children


I’ve been bummed for awhile. I’ve been missing an OTC herbal remedy that acts as an anti-depressant. The lack of 5-htp has helped me procrastinate because now I have low energy and the feeling of worthlessness. Anyway, enough moaning (I think).

One of the things I’m using as a ‘pick-me-up’ is listening to songs like Ave Maria and Suo Gan. The fact that they’re in foreign languages means I understand only a few words but that’s not why I listen. The versions I choose to listen to are sung by young people. If you think that’s creepy or weird for a 42yo man to listen to kids a lot, I say go jump.

My favorite Ave Maria versions are sung by Anthony Muresan ( and Jantje Smit ( Take a listen if you like this hymn. There’s something uplifting about the way children sing hymns that brightens my mood and makes my own weakened faith just a little bit stronger. I have no way to know what these two singers really believe, but it feels like they still believe and that they’re really singing to Christ in these songs.

The cynic in me has trouble believing adult Christian singers are singing because they’re believing in the message. It’s the reason I don’t watch MLB at all, but love to watch little leaguers hit a ball. The joy those guys have in hitting a ball and just playing seems so real, but the facial expressions of adult players rarely seem to have that.

What does any of this have to do with writing? Not much, I will admit. I will end by saying this. I’m trying to recover that joy I had in my writing when I was a kid and I try to add the skill sets I have learned since. It’s the only way I can keep up any sort of pace. So many writing gurus say I should treat it like work…but I can’t do that. I would have never have finished the first book if I did that. It must remain a joy…the joy of a little kid not beaten down by adulthood.

Just saying.


One thought on “Faith of Children

  1. Not every author believes writing should be like work. I’m a writer, not yet an author, and I believe it should be all about the joy of writing. Stephen King, one of the biggest names there is, also believes in this, I’ve read it in either Danse Macabre or On Writing (can’t remember). So… Please, have fun writing!


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