I’ve been frozen/blocked for days now. Not a word have I written. The excuse that prompted the title was that I was frozen with indecision due to a comment from an editor I respect who is also a moderator on a writer’s board I frequent. She has many years in the editing business both for the big companies and as an editor for other authors. She told me that I have missing words, confusing constructions (sentences) and a couple other issues. Haven’t written a word since.

There’s another issue involved. In my writer’s critique group, I submitted a chapter from a book that isn’t part of my series but based heavily on me as the main character (if I was a defrocked police detective). The character’s personality is heavily based on feelings and interactions I’ve had with people. It didn’t go over well with at least one of the critique partners. So, in combination with the critiques of my published book, I’ve been heavily indecisive about what to do with everything.

I haven’t made a sale in a month. I’ve rechecked Humanity until I’m blue in the face. I’ve found a few extra commas that didn’t have to be there, a few sentence fragments that I think work, but not really what the editor said. So, I haven’t moved forward.

To be honest, and why I’m writing this, I’m wondering if I needed an ‘excuse’ not to write. That, well, I needed a break. In the past, I usually write a book a year by working on several manuscripts and story ideas at a time. This is the first time I’ve focused on one manuscript for more than a chapter or two at a time. I wanted to get stuff done and push out the sequel in record time (for me) and the pressure was tight. I think I was looking for a reason not to write. I’m about done with my break. I think.


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