Adventures in FB advertising


Those of you who know me personally understand that I have a very limited ad budget. If I want to make some sales in a given month (especially with only one book out), I have to be good at saying what I want to say. Unfortunately, as this last effort:  proves, that’s not the case.

Advice from established self-publishers has told me to focus on the sequel and finish it before ‘wasting’ any more time on advertising. It’s good advice but when I go weeks without a sale and slip past the 1m ranking, David becomes a very sad boy. I feel like I have to try.

Latest result: 43 clicks with 6263 people reached. No sales were made with my 8 bucks.

I need to go watch more videos on FB ads or hooks. Maybe find an online source for information (can’t afford books, lol).

Thanks for reading.


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