Update on First Novel


Update on the sales of Humanity: Since March 20th, I’ve sold a total of 17 copies, maybe 18. So, a couple of Starbucks runs…that’s about what I have for it. I’m not crushed by that, but I wish I had money for real promotion. Oh well, I’m going to have to depend on the sequel to pick things up. I have a decent book (good according to some…one of those not even connected to me except through various writer’s boards. So, not a friend or family member is what I’m saying.)

The sequel is moving along. I’m at 25k and 7 chapters. My books usually go close to ninety so I’m over a quarter done. I expect to finish by the end of July, God and family drama willing. I will spend a week not working the ms and then go to work on editing. It should take me at least a week of steady work to finish. So, I expect to launch the sequel in mid-August.

One way self-published authors boost sales is to offer a book free to get people reading. So, at launch of Prince Ascendant, I will reduce Humanity down to nothing and hope that will boost the sales of the sequel. However, if readers of this haven’t bought yet…please don’t wait…I could use a coffee run. (Aren’t I a funny, guy?)




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