Procrastination is Evil

The fellows over at had an article that stated that procrastination wasn’t always considered a bad thing. Taking the time to figure things out and weigh your options is a good thing, they say. However, like with drinking, you can take procrastination too far. For example, I’m writing this blog in the hope that it will inspire me to buckle up and write. Hah!

Seriously, I’m only a few hundred words past that 21k that I wrote about a few days ago. I have my reasons. I developed what I call heat sickness when I had to do twenty-thirty minutes of work out in the sun. (I get dizzy, weak for hours, and other symptoms. It’s why I can’t do outside labor for a job unless it’s the middle of winter.) I was tempermentally ill (depressed, frustrated, and angry). Finally, the worst reason of all…I found the website and they had a copy of a game I used to have on CD (they got ruined and I changed computers… and ebay wanted way too much for a 18yo game.) had it for 2.99 downloadable. I’ve wasted too much time these two-three days on that. I suck, lol.

One final thought…Anyone hear of English group, Barclay James Harvest? They have a wonderful song (it’s from 1977, but it’s new too me.) called “Hymn” with a beautiful message. It’s off their ‘Gone to Earth’ album. I would advise anyone who likes a beautiful song with a good message…to download it. I found it uplifting spiritually. It might help you.

For this they killed Him, nailed Him up high
He rose again as if to ask us why
Then He ascended into the sky
As if to say in God alone you soar
As if to say in God alone we fly


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