Ad copy is hard, lol.

I only had 6 bucks to spend on FB ads this month. So, Sunday June 5, I spent that on a 1-day ad. I wrote the best copy I could and put it out there.

The fb ad was a failure. 108 clicks to the kindle page out of 3k people reached. No sales.

One of these things are happening:

1)I can’t write ad copy and it sucks.
2)My blurb on the web page wasn’t enough to get them to bite. (Very possible…feedback I get on it seems to suggest I need a new blurb but I don’t know what to say.)
3)I need a new cover.
4)Since I set the ad age range at 13-whoever, the ad targeted mostly teenagers and they couldn’t convince their parents to buy. (I set it that low because the book’s protag is 12 and I figured I’d go for the lowest range allowed.)

The consensus among my writer pals is that I need to focus on the sequel, but I feel I’m doing a disservice to Humanity if I don’t at least try before I get the next one in the series written. I’m looking at a late July finish to the rough draft and at least mid-August launch. That’s a lot of time to let the first book just sit.

Wish me luck and pray, if that’s your thing.


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