The Not-Knowing

Had a paternal uncle stop by the other day. Handed him a paper with the book’s web address on it. He told me he’d give it to his wife and spread the word to the peeps up in the Carolinas. He thought his wife would be interested and thought I would get a few purchases from the relatives up there.

No sales after what, three…four days.

So, either Uncle Jerry threw the paper in the first rest stop he came to, my aunt read the web page and decided ‘nah’, they don’t have kindle apps, or it’s still in his pocket and he forgot. (Or, he could have told her and she forgot…ugh)

I don’t want to text a reminder because I don’t want to be one of those pushy self-pubbers who beg people to buy their book. I think my book is good and people both on FB and people (through various witer’s boards I frequent) I don’t know have given me mostly positive feedback. IF the uncle was shining me on…I can understand it, I’m not happy, but I understand it.

It’s the not-knowing that’s driving me batty.


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