Almost my new motto:

Almost my new motto: Always put off ’til tomorrow what you were SUPPOSED to do yesterday.

Yeah, I fell behind on my writing schedule. I have a variety of reasons but the main one is my Dad’s health issues. There’s no writer’s block, although I would love to have that be the reason. For some reason, it’s more comfortable when i don’t write because I don’t have ideas. I spent a lot of yesterday trying to get the VA to do something for my Dad’s back pain. I mean, they suggested physical therapy when the man can’t even scratch his leg without seizing. The VA doc actually told him and I quote, “Everybody has back pain.” He also said, “You’re on 4 medicines for your back. I can’t change anything or help you today.” It doesn’t matter that the pain meds aren’t doing anything and the muscle relaxers ‘relax’ about as much as a Israeli at a neo-nazi/Aryan Nations rally.

I’d better stop before I get so distracted that I don’t do anything else today. Like I was saying, I’m not blocked. I know where the chapter I’m in is going and I know where (for the most part) the next chapter is supposed to go. I allowed my frustration, anger, and exhaustion to convince me to procrastinate. I told myself “There’s always tomorrow” and “you’ll be much better when you’re calmer” …that’s all true. However, I should have written something and made some progress. Doing nothing means that the thoughts and ideas you had during your last writing session become stale. I need to not do that.

Well, I don’t really have a closer. If you’ve read this, thanks for doing so and check out my book at (That’s the twitter shortcut, if you don’t recognize the ‘’ part.)


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