Sales after a week of quiet

Hi, I can’t be the only author to which this has happened. Your book has been idle with no sales for a week. I’m talking flatline with no page reads. All of the sudden, someone buys one. Just one. You start to wonder, did I do something different and can I do it again? What was it?

Did I write a blog post that made someone want to read what I wrote? Did I write on a writer’s website and interest someone in my fiction somehow? Did I mention low sales or something in my childhood that made them pity me? Was it a pity sale?

Or, better yet, did I change a blurb or describe the story somehow that made them bite? Is it residual from a promo period two weeks before? Or, the best situation, did someone who read pages decide to buy in case I decided to take it out of the library? I obsess like that. Personally, I’m hoping someone enjoyed pages and decided to buy.

Okay, update on my sequel: 12.5k words and I’m about to begin chapter five. I expect to have the draft done ahead of schedule by the end of June or at least mid July. Thanks for reading, David


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